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Roller classic added to Beijing BMW Museum

This hand-built Rolls Royce has arrived at Beijing’s BMW Museum through the efforts of GAC.

The 1934 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Continental, made to order by Gurney Nutting and worth about GBP 700,000 had only clocked up 64,000 road miles during its lifetime. Another 5,071 air miles have now been added to that total since GAC took care of its transport from a dealership in Essex to the museum in the Chinese capital.

It started when GAC China’s Tyrone Liu was asked to look into options for getting the luxury cargo safely delivered. He contacted his colleagues in the UK and Mike Millar, Business Development Manager – Logistics, proposed sending the Phantom by air in the company’s state-of-the-art car container based at Heathrow Airport.

“When shipping a particularly expensive, luxury or classic car, the quickest way, either internationally or domestically, is undoubtedly by air,” says Mike. “And if it is shipped in a secure container, it can be loaded at our premises, taking a lot of worry and challenge out of the task.”

At Heathrow, the classic roller was secured in the container under the supervision of Sports & Events Operations Manager Dominic Watson and Technical Manager Olly Smith. It was then trucked to to the plane that would take her to China.

The grand old lady arrived safe and sound at her new home ahead of the deadline. Good collaboration between the teams at both ends - GAC Sports and Events, GAC Aerospace and GAC Shanghai.

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