It pays to know

How to play?

The ‘It pays to know’ competition is open to all GAC staff and their families – one entry per family. Family members must state the name of the GAC employee to whom they are related.

Three winners will be picked from the lucky draw. Each winner will receive a USD 200 cash prize! The winners’ names will be published in the next issue.

Simply submit your answers to the following questions together with your name and contact details to Fongpyng Chin at fongpyng.chin@gac.com.

Closing date: 1 September 2017

  1. How old was Martin Wallgren when he started his first company, and what was he selling?
  2. What social media tool are GAC agents at Durban using to give clients live updates on their vessels?
  3. Name the ferries that GAC Poland recently saw through their refits at Gdansk for P&O Ferries?
  4. Which three charities will receive the prize money from the 2016 Chairman’s Award for HSSE Excellence?

The winners of the quiz in GAC Chat 03/2017 are:

  1. Noufal Charummal
    Asst. Manager, HR & Administration, GAC Bahrain
  2. Helena Martini
    Sales Executive, GAC Brazil
  3. Ajaya Kumar
    Assistant Customer Service Manager, GAC Dubai

The questions with answers for GAC Chat 03/2017 are:

  1. What, according to Stuart Bowie, is the core purpose of the Group Commercial Team?
    Generate income
  2. What does Mikael Leijonberg consider to be a “stupid question”?
    If pineapple is a legitimate pizza topping
  3. How many tonnes of gear did GAC bring to Singapore, Bangkok and Dubai for the Guns ‘N Roses concerts?
    85 tonnes
  4. How many courses is the GAC Corporate Academy offering in this, its 10th anniversary year? How many are new?
    37 course in total. 11 are new