President’s Column

Finding Success…

In a time of market uncertainty, success is not guaranteed. It has to be unlocked through a combination of velocity, unorthodoxy, collaboration, awareness and pure persistence. There have been times in GAC’s history when success has been easy. Markets were robust and demand for services consistently high. These days, not a week goes by without some technical, political, legal, social or environmental jolt to the system. Achieving success and maintaining a profitable business while holding to high standards of ethics and service quality is a test for all of us at all levels of the GAC Group.

Know where to look

But success there is. In this edition of GAC Chat, we’re looking at three of our companies that have prospered in recent times, despite the difficulties of the marketplace. Find out what Australia, Bahrain and Angola have been doing right, starting here.


GAC companies sometimes struggle to win business but we rarely struggle to win awards. A basket-full of them has come our way thanks to the good work done by our people in Dubai, Hong Kong, India and Sri Lanka. The good news is here.


Some feisty opinions and arguments are put forward by our Group Tax Manager Ingrid Francisque in our 4-Thoughts column. Who would have thought that tax could be so energising and interesting? I recommend the read.


2018 has been a challenging year. See the opening paragraph. But growth has come too. We have new offices in the UK, Panama and Brazil. There is new business in Angola, Hong Kong, South Africa and Scandinavia and a spanking new distribution facility in Dubai. We can always wish for more and indeed our Group Vice President Commercial, Stuart Bowie, has set out a Combined Action Plan to take us to 121,000 shipping jobs by 2021. More about this in my next column.

Good works

I am constantly impressed with the way the GAC Spirit keeps renewing itself in the hearts and minds of GAC people everywhere. All over the world our people are taking time to help others and make the world a better place. Whether it’s fighting cancer in Bahrain, helping tsunami survivors in Indonesia, greening the oceans in the UK or plogging (yes, it’s now an actual thing) in China, GAC people are showing that kindness and caring can live well alongside the pursuit of profits. Well done everyone. We all benefit from your good works.

Bengt Ekstrand
Group President

PS: I have mentioned a squirrel before in this column. You’ll find it here.