President's Column

Working Smarter...

Two core ingredients for business success in the 21st century are smart people and smart tech. Delta 21, our strategic plan, has given fresh emphasis to these two elements. Under our Chief Information Officer, Martin Wallgren, we’re moving into a new phase in our IT development. Find out more about Martin and his plans here. Alongside the work being done in Group IT, we have the equally vital efforts of Group HR, which includes the Corporate Academy, our QHSSE programmes and areas like manpower planning and development. Group Vice President Patrik Hallden and his team are featured here.

All around the world, GAC companies are getting on with the job. Awards have been won by HullWiper and Contract Logistics. We’re opening new facilities in Malaysia and Qatar. We’re expanding our e-commerce footprint in Dubai, facilitating multi-million dollar ferry refits in Poland and taking our first steps into Vietnam.

At what cost?

We’re also digging into our costs at Group, Regional and Company levels. In truth we have to be a lot smarter in how we manage our costs. We must look for ways to reduce costs where possible and share them where viable. This is an ongoing project under Chief Financial Officer Mikael Leijonberg. The initial data input phase has been completed by Suresh Ahluwalia. Analysis and actions will follow.

The first half

2017 has so far lived up to expectations. We started the year in a challenging situation and we remain in one at the halfway point. Successes in some companies have been balanced by setbacks in others. What is pleasing to note is that we’re becoming more resilient. Our company managers are looking for solutions in unorthodox areas and using unorthodox methods to achieve success. Unorthodoxy is a difficult word to pronounce but we definitely have scope for more of it. Take a look here.

The customer

Last month, I sat down in Singapore with one of our major Hub customers. It was both enlightening and reassuring. No, we didn’t have a perfect score but it was clear that our efforts to deliver top-shelf service and our ability to fix mistakes promptly were acknowledged and respected by our customer. When customers know that GAC is on their side and doing everything possible to ‘deliver their strategy’, they give us trust and more business. Long term success is built on this.

Bengt Ekstrand
Group President