Norway opens Arctic Circle branch

Banner image - Norway opens Arctic Circle branch

The port of Tromsø by Svein-Magne Tunli - –

Growing interest in year-round Arctic cruises has prompted GAC Norway to open up in Tromsø.

Sitting 300km above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the largest urban centre in Northern Norway and serves as a portal to the Arctic. It is a popular port of call for cruise vessels, including those offering winter tours to treat passengers to views of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Tromsø is also growing in importance as a base for the oil & gas and offshore industries.

In the past two years, GAC has noted a significant increase in activity at the port coinciding with the signing of two new cruise contracts. In 2018, the company handled about 50 calls at the port through a local partner. With that figure expected to double in the coming 2-3 years, it was decided to establish GAC’s own presence there.

The office opened in January 2019 in a new building that forms part of the Siva Innovation Centre near Tromsø’s Breivika Cruise Port. It provides a direct link to the range of shipping, logistics and cruise support services provided by GAC Norway.

At the helm is Regional Manager Henning Kjøs Lien, who joined GAC after working in Arctic logistics in Svalbard.

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