Plogging comes to GAC China

Sweden’s latest fitness craze – plogging – has made its way to GAC China. The activity combines jogging with “plocka upp” (Swedish for picking up - in this case litter) for people who want to keep fit and do something to help the environment.

55 staff from GAC Shanghai went plogging on a 7km route along the Huangpu River, picking up rubbish like cigarette butts and plastic bottles along the way. All litter collected was properly disposed of afterwards.

It’s all part of GAC China’s ongoing efforts to protect and conserve the environment and has proven to be popular with staff.

“We love plogging,” says Admin Manager Michael Shi. “This new form of workout brings benefits to both our health and the environment. More importantly, we feel we have contributed towards making this city that we live in cleaner and better.”