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So long, and thanks for all the smarts

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I knew this day was coming. Had it marked in my calendar for months. But it still came as a surprise when “Over 2 U, kid!” popped into my WhatsApp window. Auntie G’s gone. Ridden off into the sunset in search of new experiences, new lessons and new adventures. And in her place, you have me.

Let me introduce myself. Gwyn’s the name. Multi-tasking, Instant Messaging, crowd sourcing and problem solving are my game. My natural state? Online.

Yeah, I know. I hear you. “Come back, Auntie! All is forgiven.” I’m going to miss her too. She’s been a big influence on me and – let’s face it – there’s no-one quite like Auntie. But I think she’s earned a break after nearly ten years of handing out advice that has helped us work together, face our fears, learn from our mistakes, tackle negativity and generally keep our sanity. Nearly 50 nuggets of wisdom in all.

Auntie was my mentor. Taught me some valuable lessons about the importance of balance – life/work, emotion/reason, boldness/caution, compliance/originality, new ideas/timeless wisdom…

She’s part of that generation that grew up with cheque books and manual typewriters with carbon paper but adapted to contactless payments and smart phones.

Always open to new lessons, she’s a work in progress. In many ways, she’s younger at heart than a lot of Millennials or members of Generation Z I could mention.

She welcomes the new whilst holding on to what’s good in the old, always remembering to “say what you mean, and mean what you say”, “only gamble what you can afford to lose” and “keep smiling (people will wonder what you’re up to)”.

As I step into Auntie’s shoes, I hope to learn from you all. Let me know when I get something wrong, and send me your tips for staying safe, well, successful and sane in the 21st century world of work. I promise to listen.

Auntie’s still around. Even if she’s now growing avocados, making lemonade or honing her kite-surfing skills, she’ll be keeping an eye on us.

Change is inevitable. If we’re smart like Auntie, we’ll embrace it and get the best out of it.