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A Passion For Mentoring

Navin Perara

Navin Perera is taking his passion for mentoring to a new level. A long-time advocate of encouraging young talent, GAC Sri Lanka’s General Manager is now the founder and patron of his country’s branch of Youngship, a non-profit organisation for young people working in the global maritime industry.

He announced the establishment of a Youngship national branch at the opening of Sri Lanka’s Maritime Week in September 2018. It joins other branches in Norway, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Singapore, England, UAE, Sweden, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, America, Germany, Nigeria, France, Spain and Tanzania. Worldwide, Youngship has more than 3,000 members.

“The organisation provides a platform upon which our members can build a broader understanding of the industry. It also plays an important part in providing a strong, motivated generation of young professionals for the years to come.

“We also have a particular focus on promoting young entrepreneurs working on environmental challenges, social responsibility and innovation in green technology.

“Being part of the YoungShip family will help all those involved build their network and provide opportunities to progress in their careers. YoungShip takes an active role to help promote young leaders of the future, encourage companies to go the extra mile in training, persuade companies to focus on promoting young professionals and to drive its young talent forward.”

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