GAC Folk

4 thoughts from Mikael Leijonberg

The world is changing rapidly and we need to ensure that we manage and capitalise from the challenges and opportunities that come with the changes. To do that we must:

Be proactive and flexible

Always think a step or few ahead when taking a decision. Take the time and effort to really listen to customers, services providers and colleagues. It will help thinking ahead. In a changing world, we need to be flexible and opportunistic. Being proactive and flexible will give us a competitive edge. We must move faster than our competitors, current and potential, to capitalise on opportunities in a changing business environment.

Be creative

We must all be change agents and challenge how things are done today and adapt to the changing times. Don't hesitate to suggest new ways of doing what we do today. I am convinced we can all come up with suggestions how to carry out our business in a smarter, better way.

Work hard as a team

Change is hard work and few short cuts are available. We must work as a team, to be a proactive driver of change, to recognise that no single person has all the answers and to be open to new ideas and new approaches.

Stay positive!

There is always a solution to any problem. That solution can be the opportunity that makes you and GAC prosper in the coming years. Stay positive and enjoy the ride!

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