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Group Human Resources in the time of Delta 21

Human Resources emerged as a clearly defined field in the 1920s. As competition heated up after World War Two, companies around the world started to use HR to help improve the performance of their people and to attract talent. And so it is today only the pressure has risen hugely since the turn of the century. Read on.

Patrik Halldén,
Group Vice President Human Resources

GAC has had a strong people focus since it started in 1956. The strength of our people has always been a core factor in GAC’s success and when combined with teamwork and the values of the GAC Spirit, it creates a Group that is resilient, resourceful and caring. Under Delta 21 we are adding more support. Group HR’s strategy for the Delta 21 period emphasises:

  • Leadership development for Managers
  • Enhanced training and development for all staff
  • Development of a Performance Management Programme
  • Implementation of a Group HR Manual

These focus areas are critical to GAC’s long term success and Group HR has a smart and energetic team working closely with regions and companies to deliver outcomes that benefit GAC as a whole and the individuals that work within our companies.

Craig Stewart,
Group HR Development Manager

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.”- Socrates

How is HR doing business better in a VUCA environment? Firstly, making better use of technology. GAChr is being rolled out with the objective to improve our interface with our employees and provide them with easy access to their personal information and records.

GAC’s future lies in the hands of its people. You should therefore be asking yourself how you can contribute to this success and where see yourself tomorrow. Today, the HR Team is laying the framework for your tomorrow in our succession, career and personal development planning.

Constantin Draghichi,
Group QHSSE Manager

In the past few years, some important milestones have been achieved on our journey to change the attitude towards QHSSE.

We are on track to reach the stage where QHSSE is NOT seen as a purely administrative process, with no value for business and something that we need to do just to keep auditors and clients happy.

We can see that QHSSE is now recognised for its business benefits, It’s becoming a part of every conversation and part of everyday work and life experience. Therefore, we can say that QHSSE is becoming a vital part of GAC corporate culture.

Sherol Fernandes,
Business Manager – GCA

Today, after ten years work establishing a culture of learning, development and constant growth among GAC employees, we can see ourselves at the pinnacle of driving the Group's strategy through various executive sponsors and ambassadors in the business.

Being ISO29990 certified provides us with the capability of delivering optimal learning solutions and experiences that the people of this organisation deserve.

Our recertification this year has endorsed GCA's high standards for corporate learning and development and our status as one of the leaders in its field.

We have big hopes and plans for the future too, aligning with the new vision of Delta 21. At GCA we aim to work closely with the key stakeholders to deliver ‘best in class’ learning experience to all personnel with the goal of achieving the overall business outcomes as well as attracting and retaining talent.

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