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Delta 21 – The Story So Far

Group President’s Update

Dear colleagues,

In November last year, we launched our Delta 21 strategy with the aim of ensuring GAC is fit to meet the challenges of doing business in the 21st century. It was a strategy for change and much work has already been done to get us moving.


At Corporate HQ, Finance, Human Resources, Commercial and Group IT have introduced reforms to make them better at supporting our companies’ operations and the Group’s bottom line.


has reviewed its operations from floor to ceiling, focusing on improving the efficiency and the accuracy of its reporting functions. The programme is ongoing. Finance is also running a Group-wide Cost Optimisation Programme.

Human Resources

is looking at Group standards and processes to match the needs of a workforce that is both local and global. The Corporate Academy and QHSSE continue to develop their services to help drive performance improvements in our companies.


has restructured its operations and is putting greater focus on the core products our teams will promote during their sales calls. We’re at the start of a major redevelopment of our commercial activities and we can expect more changes as we progress through the Delta 21 period.

Group IT

now has a Chief Information Officer and a major reform agenda to pursue. There are several aims:

  • To become more customer and user focused in our IT applications
  • To develop new applications that match the needs of the global digital economy
  • To maintain and improve existing applications
  • To provide more effective management information analysis to aid business decision-making
  • To upgrade and harden our cyber security systems and protocols.

Performance Support Group (PSG)

The job of Corporate HQ is to make and execute decisions that help our companies prosper in difficult times. The PSG, comprising the Group President, the Chief Financial Officer and the Group Vice Presidents for Commercial and Strategy & Planning, brings a team-based approach to these key decisions and actions. It’s working well.


Delta 21 introduced GAC people to VUCA as a way of describing the business climate. There’s the dark VUCA – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. And there’s the bright VUCA that GAC has adopted to encourage a positive and growthful attitude among us all: Velocity, Unorthodoxy, Collaboration and Awareness.


The business world is changing fast and we need to be speedy in how we respond to these changes.


We need to show our customers how creative we can be on their behalf and look for solutions that are outside the mainstream.


For many years we have talked about G2G and many GAC companies have profited from closer cooperation with their sister companies in the GAC world. In Delta 21, we are aiming to extend our collaboration more vigorously to our customers. It’s the difference between working ‘for clients’ and working ‘with partners’. The first is good. The second is better because it builds trust, certainty and long-term profits. Check out Unlocking VUCA for more on how GAC is making collaboration work.


We don’t work in isolation. We need to be aware of how our companies connect to the communities that surround them. These communities extend from the people in the office next door to our suppliers, customers, families, friends, and people and groups in need.

Try it

Delta 21 is about supporting a culture of energetic and positive change in GAC. Change can be difficult and unsettling but we need to embrace it if we want to be fit to meet the business challenges of the 21st century. We are introducing new structures and ways of doing things. I can assure you that if any of our initiatives don’t work out, we won’t be shedding tears or admitting defeat. We will instead be trying other solutions. If you have an idea or a plan, give it go. If it doesn’t work out, try something else. Velocity, unorthodoxy, collaboration and awareness can help you.

A work in progress

Delta 21 isn’t perfect but it is simple and clear. There are Actions to be carried out and Attitudes to be encouraged. Delta 21 is an invitation to test new ideas, develop new markets and secure existing ones. It’s not only a strategy for making changes at the top end of the Group. It’s about giving our companies, and our people, permission to be intelligently adventurous.

Some people complain that Delta 21 is not a proper strategy because it doesn’t have any revenue goals. That may be true but we are only at the start of Delta 21. By the time we reach 2021, we may well be in a position to set strategic revenue targets and do so with confidence because of the changes we’ve made along the way.

Best regards,

Bengt Ekstrand
Group President

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