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Collaborators: HOYER and GAC

Early last year, GAC began services for the HOYER Group, one of the world’s leading bulk logistics providers. GAC acts as its official agency partner in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa for the Deep Sea business unit.

GAC companies and partners in Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Angola, Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania and Togo now provide a range of integrated shipping and logistics services for HOYER’s overseas clients.


Richard Mallen, GAC’s Group Liner Development Manager, is in charge of our side of the operation. He says: “The partnership is strong and we have recently signed our 18th agency contract with HOYER in Pakistan. We shipped 6,779 full tanks in the first half of 2017 with the biggest volumes so far in India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, South Africa and Ivory Coast. Elsewhere, however, the markets have been subdued and that has had quite a serious impact on volumes in some places.

“The beauty of our collaboration is that it makes use of existing resources to serve the business, so with the support of GAC and its network of offices, HOYER is well placed to ride the fluctuations of the markets without having to make costly investments in places where they were not already established in their own right.”


On course for success

GAC’s partnership with HOYER has been underpinned by the creation of dedicated GAC Corporate Academy course – the first ever developed in direct collaboration with a customer.

The HOYER Operations (HYO) course builds the foundational knowledge and competency required for all GAC employees involved in the HOYER business. It covers specifications of HOYER equipment, essential handling and operations guidelines, commercial aspects of the partnership and strategies for continual improvement in service delivery.

Menno Douwes Dekker, HOYER’s Managing Director of the Middle East & India - Business Unit Deep Sea, says: “Our partnership with GAC is growing in strength and this course will make a big impact in bringing us all on to the same page with the basics of working together. Great communication is at the heart of good partnerships and by working with an agreed set of operational, administrative and financial processes, we can make sure the communication channels are as open as possible.”

The course was designed by Richard Mallen, who notes that it was crucial that it was created with HOYER: “After all, they are the experts! They have been generous with their time to train and educate us to be best in class. It also makes them feel GAC is special; no other agent or supplier has embraced them and designed such a course.

“Our teams are now more comfortable around the industry, dealing with a huge range of products and producers in a safe and caring way. Even if there’s something they don’t know, HOYER is but a phone call away. We have developed relations, friendships and partnerships both internally at GAC and with HOYER in the UAE, Netherlands and Singapore.”

The pilot of course ran in May with 19 participants. One of them was Ashan Silva, Business Manager - Shipping Services at GAC Oman, who says: “Cargo types and handling methods are different from entity to entity, so we can all learn thorough each other’s practical experience. This will lead to being more prepared in advance to extend a better service to our customers and principals. Moreover, by exchanging such ideas and procedures we can streamline and bridge any gaps effectively and efficiently to extend our service levels by another notch. I highly recommend this course to all our HOYER handlers in GAC.”

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