Case Study

Problem + Innovation = Solution

GACagent feature

Before the adoption of the new GACagent feature, colleagues like GAC UK’s Chris Douglas (pictured) often spent two full days of their working week chasing invoices by email and phone. Now the process is automated, the task takes less than two hours.

GAC UK’s IT Manager Steven Smith had a problem. Chasing suppliers to settle invoices was taking too much time. Staff were devoting 10-16 hours to the task every week.

After some creative thinking by the team behind the GACagent app, that time has been slashed to less than a two hours per week.

A feature was added to the app to automate what had been largely a manual process, cutting the time and effort needed to bill clients. Email notifications are now automatically sent to suppliers on a configured time interval to chase up invoices.

The result: Healthier cash flow and better use of UK employees’ valuable time.

The feature was piloted by GAC Shetland, before being adopted in Grangemouth and Aberdeen. Darren Hodge from the Shetland office was impressed: “It has fully automated the old manual process. It’s slashed the time spent chasing up invoices and helped improve our supplier invoice lead time. Our efficiency is improved and staff are freed up to focus on other activities.”


The new feature was the result of brainstorming by people from different departments to ensure that every stage of the life cycle of an invoice was covered. Smith worked with Sendhil Annamalai from Group IT and UK colleagues Darren Hodge (ship agency Shetland and resident GACagent expert), Chris Douglas (ship agency Grangemouth), Lyn Thomson from the Disbursement Account Team in Grangemouth, and Donna Scott – Purchase Ledger, also in Grangemouth. The Group IT team has also worked with Scott Miller from GAC North America and GAC’s Singapore Gene Lee to develop the new feature for use throughout the Group.

The new app is now being rolled out throughout the GAC Group. For details, contact