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Goa State Logistics Leadership Win

GAC India awarded as winner of Logistics in Goa State Logistics Leadership Awards

From left: Dr R. L. Bhatia, Founder of World CSR Day and World Sustainability Congress, Joseph Moras, GAC India Goa Branch Manager, Darshita Dessai, GAC India Goa Executive Shipping.

A panel of industry leaders, researchers and academics has named GAC India the winner of the Logistics category in the Goa State Logistics Leadership Awards organised by Dr. R. L. Bhatia, founder of World CSR Day and World Sustainability Congress.

The company is the first winner of the Logistics Award, which was added this year to the annual honours presented in categories including entrepreneurs, NGOs, educational institutions, hoteliers and developers. Winners were selected based on their performance in areas such as strategy, process management, future orientation, track record, integrity and ethics and sustainability.

GAC first opened on the Indian Subcontinent in 1983. Today, it is a leading provider of shipping and logistics services throughout the country with 26 offices along the eastern and western coastlines.

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