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One of the 2 units of Half Height containers containing “pig traps” heading to Busan, Korea.

McDermott, a leader in global offshore engineering and constuction for the energy sector, was looking for a new Importer of Record (IOR) for their shipments from Singapore to South Korea. Lailah Soon, GAC’s Regional Business Development Manager for Oil & Gas made the connection with our Oil & Gas team in Singapore.

Thanks to that connection GAC Singapore has worked with a partner in Korea to take care of McDermott’s shipment of “pig traps”* bound for Busan. Two Half-Height containers containing the “pig traps” were received by the GAC team at Jurong Port in Singapore and loaded and lashed on to 40ft flat racks for export on a conventional shipping line to Busan. Upon arrival, they were cleared at customs, unlashed and unloaded for delivery to the client.

Based on the team’s performance, including constant follow-up and progress updates, more shipments have been awarded to GAC Singapore - both between Singapore and South Korea and elsewhere. McDermott has also entrusted GAC Singapore with its husbandry matters in South Korea.

“The GAC Singapore team had done great job for McDermott, especially in supporting us for the Ichthys project for the shipment to Korea. GAC is proactive and a problem solver that is full of ethics and commitment. We appreciate that the team has always kept us updated on the progress on the cargo. We have included GAC Singapore in our preferred forwarder list for other projects and look forward to your continued good work.”
- Shazwan Fairuz, Logistics and Trade Compliance Specialist at McDermott Asia Pacific Sdn Bhd


Pigging in the context of pipelines refers to the practice of using devices known as "pigs" to perform various maintenance operations. This is done without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.

These operations include but are not limited to cleaning and inspecting the pipeline. This is accomplished by inserting the pig into a "pig launcher" (or "launching station") — an oversized section in the pipeline, reducing to the normal diameter. The launching station is then closed and the pressure-driven flow of the product in the pipeline is used to push the pig along down the pipe until it reaches the receiving trap — the "pig catcher" (or "receiving station").

Source: Wikipedia

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