GAC in Action

Smooth as ice

World’s first reinforced class LNG carrier completes sea trials & maiden port call

GAC Russia has recorded its successful handling of the first LNG carrier designed to withstand conditions at the icy Russian ports of Murmansk and Sabetta.

The “Christophe De Margerie” is the world’s first LNG ship in the reinforced ice Arc7 class and the first of a fleet of 15 designed to export liquefied natural gas from Sabetta to European and Asian markets.

Ice trials

When it arrived in Murmansk for ice trials in the Kara Sea, GAC Russia provided a range of services, including: arranging the permit to operate in Russian territorial waters; boarding engineers and scientists for the trials; delivering equipment and supplies on board; coordinating her route with the Russian Coast Guard Service; and providing valuable advice on navigation in the Arctic.

Once the trials were concluded, customs and border formalities were completed and the ice crew disembarked. GAC Russia also handled safe passenger operations in Murmansk, arranged bunker supplies and delivered machine parts and ship supplies.

New era

The ship then set sail for her first call at Sabetta. The port is dedicated to exports of gas and gas condensate from the South-Tambeyskoye gas field and has a natural gas liquefaction plant to prepare the raw hydrocarbons for transportation by sea. Commercial shipments are expected to commence before the end of this year.

(NB: GAC Russia’s ability to undertake business is subject to prevailing sanctions.)

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