GAC in Action


Multiple hats for GAC Bahrain

GAC Bahrain played multiple roles in the discharge of a 308 MT gas turbine for a combined-cycle power plant at Khalifa Bin Salman port.

As independent marine surveyors, the GAC Bahrain shipping team inspected the cargo’s condition and monitored its discharge from the vessel until it was transported into the port’s yard for storage.

As the carrier vessel’s agent, GAC Bahrain arranged all necessary manpower and equipment for the discharging operation and attended to various husbandry requirements, including medical services.

Total package, total coverage. Very professional.

Celebrating 60 years

GAC Bahrain’s staff of more than 110 got together to mark the company’s 60th birthday with lots of bonding games like cricket, football, basketball, tug-of-war and even a dancing competition. There was plenty of good food, good fun, and happy faces all round!

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