GAC in Action

Team ships talc

European bulk logistics provider RB Logistics (RB) has appointed GAC Abu Dhabi for a second time to provide a complete logistics service package. The two-year contract covers freight services, transportation, warehousing and handling of talcum powder from Italy to Ruwais for a client of IMI FABI.

GAC Role:

Arrange collection of talc from IMI FABI’s mine in Italy

Send it by sea to Abu Dhabi

Handle customs clearance

Transport to GAC’s Mina Zayed warehouse.

At the warehouse, the talc is loaded into RB’s 40-foot silos for the onward journey to the production plant in Ruwais. Empty silos then return to the warehouse. The GAC team does at least 12 such load-outs a month.

GAC staff have been trained to use and maintain the RB equipment and the GACWare Warehouse Management System has been incorporated into the supply chain to ensure transparency, accuracy and inventory control.

“By combining RB’s and GAC’s expertise and experience, we are able to offer a unique niche solution to IMI FABI and their customer. Both companies share the same strong values, and we are very proud to be able to work in partnership on this project.”
- Ben Reijers, RB’s CEO.

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