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Cross-border coordination delivers complex multi-origin shipment

GAC teams in the UK and Russia have delivered an urgent multi-origin mega shipment for works in the Yuri Korchagin oil field in the Northern Caspian.

Re-loading of essential equipment at Poti, in transit to the Yuri Korchagin oil field in the Northern Caspian Sea.

GAC was appointed to coordinate multiple loads totaling 500 tonnes from the UK, Netherlands and Germany. The move included a block conductor and pile fastenings to be installed at the culmination of Stage II of marine operations underway in the Russian sector of the Northern Caspian.

Multiple origins

The operation started with pre-carriage pick-up of cargo from England and the Netherlands, and an out-of-gauge item from Germany, for delivery to Rotterdam.

GAC obtained the required permits to enable all 20 units to be loaded on to a vessel sailing for Poti in Georgia. Russia’s internal waterways were not open for navigation at the time so GAC met the tight delivery deadline by sending the cargo to Georgia by sea and completing the job by road.

Work underway in Yuri Korchagin oil field in Northern Caspian Sea. Photo courtesy of GT North.


At Poti, the vessel could not berth for two days due to foul weather. Upon reopening, GAC arranged and supervised using the ship’s gear to load the cargo onto waiting trucks at the berth. The trucks then set off on the final 900km journey by road to Baku in Azerbaijan. Roadworks on the planned route required alternative routes to be worked out and approved by the authorities. Despite the obstacles, the full shipment arrived on schedule.

Alexey Koudrenko, GT Sever’s Project Manager, says: “We owe the success of this challenging move to GAC’s cross-border coordination and attention to detail in the planning. Their hands-on expertise, flexibility and determination to deliver were critical when the unexpected arose. We were in constant touch 24/7. GAC thought of everything and delivered as promised.”

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