GAC in Action

Bumi Checklist

GAC Angola’s Husbandry Department team leader Afonso Bartolomeu makes some last minute checks before sending crew members on to their destination.

It’s just one of up to 70 crew changes Afonso and his colleagues handle every week for the Olombendo FPSO project, operated by Bumi Armada. GAC Angola provides transportation and ‘meet & greet’ assistance for crews and technicians. The team has also been appointed by Angoil Bumi JV Angola to handle ship spares logistics.

It’s a time-sensitive business with no margin for error, so Afonso and his colleagues are vigilant to ensure all the paperwork is 100% correct, on time, every time. Failure to do so could lead to delays, additional charges or even fines.

Since December 2016, GAC Angola has cleared 1300 crew members and delivered more than 100 tons of equipment for the Bumi Project. And there’s a lot more to come before it comes to an end in November 2017.

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