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What do an astronaut, a panda and a burger have in common?

They all featured in “The Write Stuff” workshop given by GAC’s Group Editorial & Social Media Manager Amanda Millen to a group of colleagues in the UK.

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Amanda took them on a tour through the essentials of writing and explored ways to apply simple rules to write effectively in the workplace. She challenged them to consider why they write, as well as their audience, platform and the message they want to deliver. Humour and real-life examples gave participants a taste of good - and not-so-good - writing in the workplace.

Write Up 1
Write Up 2
Write Up 3
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Write Up 5

The social media section looked at the importance of pictures, as well as the style and length of accompanying captions on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and YouTube.

What they said

“The workshop re-focused my mind with regards to written communications. I especially enjoyed the topics covering social media and how we should use and write for the various platforms in a GAC context. I started to apply my newly learnt skills as soon as I returned to the office.”
Alexis Black, GAC UK

“The course gave me a new focus on how I communicate and reinforced my love of the English language. I’m now reminded how clear and concise words are often the most powerful way to communicate. Sometimes we can forget that and get lost in synonyms and business language, losing our message along the way.”
Joy Gillen, GAC Training & Service Solutions

“We were given the opportunity to analyse our own work; to find our inner story teller, to KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) and discover how we can improve our platforms already out in the public domain. Grammar is our friend, fluff is not; always consider our audience, platform and purpose; writing, when active and looks good on the page is a pleasure to read; oh and don’t send flowers - avoid pretentious jargon and blitz the buzz. I will be looking at my work from a different angle from now on and I hope our readers will grow because of it.”
Katie Watts, GAC Pindar

“As well as the plethora of tips, examples and ideas on how to captivate readers, we also learned about the critically important factors that might result in your audience disengaging. Amanda’s multi-faceted presentation perfectly conveyed the science behind the theory as well as providing plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate throughout the day. On top of all that, it was great fun.”
Lynne Clarke, GAC Communications Manager - Europe

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