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Evaluating The Genie

Survey shows where to improve

A GAC Intranet Survey conducted late last year shows most staff still rely on emails from management as their primary source of information. Fewer than one in ten staff use The Genie for that purpose but a revamped Genie is set to change that.

Who did the survey?

Just over 4,000 GAC staff were invited to take the survey. 20% responded (which is a good response % for an online survey). Two-thirds of the respondents were based in Asia (just under 35% in the Middle East and nearly 33% in the Asia Pacific & Indian Subcontinent region). Europe and Africa were around 8% and Africa had 4.24% completing the survey.

Primary source of information

Main Purpose (%)

User-friendly Search function

Notifications for updates

Collaborate & communicate with colleagues

Find a colleague

Access to other
GAC platforms

Search for and download documents & collaterals

Information about routines/processes/

Information about my department/my role

GAC news

Real time editing of documents

Ability to like and comment on content

Staff polls

Discussion forum

Events Calendar

Customisable content for personal homepage

Auto-login function

Internal job vacancies

Ability to publish and share information

Read about non-work related (lifestyle) subjects




Corporate Communications Executive Amanda Phoon says work is underway to address the issues raised by the survey.

Amanda Phoon

“The survey provided great insights into the type of intranet that our colleagues need, and we believe that they will enjoy using the new Genie. It will have a modern, refreshing and user-friendly interface with multiple useful features. We are looking forward to sharing it, and hope that people will turn to it for the latest GAC news and information.”
Amanda Phoon, Corporate Communications Executive

Expect more on updates on the new Genie this year.

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