Academy Update

Global English Programme Returns

Communication is essential to our daily business interaction. It is one thing to understand English, but it is another to speak and use it in a unified way across various business sectors. The GAC Corporate Academy launched its Global English Programme (GEP) back in 2010 and relaunched a revised version in October last year. It’s been getting rave reviews.

Over 52 weeks, the self-paced programme focuses on business-specific content aligned to fit the individual’s role and abilities, with online interaction and collaboration between learners - individually or as part of a group - and with teachers/advisors. It also offers helpful cultural briefings as preparation for global interaction in the GAC world.

The GEP’s comeback highlights the convenience of the virtual classroom which brings together a diverse group of learners to converse with one another and give and receive instant feedback. Since the first GEP was launched seven years ago, 1,012 people have completed the course. And the 73 colleagues enrolled in the latest session are showing impressive progress.

Here’s what some participants say:

“GEP helped to improve my English such as some doubts that I had in grammar and I got the opportunity to review all. Also my pronunciation improved a lot due to communication and pronunciation exercises. And the most important for me is that I had the chance to improve my vocabulary.”

Catharina Mesquita,
Shipping Assistant - Santos Branch, GAC Brazil

“Grammar and listening course were my favorites and the flexibility is of great help. Definitely, I would recommend GEP to our colleagues because I became more confident to speak and write after I studied this course.”

Satheesh Murugan,
Operations Manager, GAC Dubai

“A very useful programme that allows you to improve your knowledge of business English, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, communication skills and correspondence. With GEP you can independently adjust your schedule, study at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Here I decide myself when to start and when to finish the lesson.”

Anastasia Androsova,
Accountant, GAC Turkmenistan

“It was a great experience. I enjoyed the course a lot. I improved my communication, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation skills. GEP has helped me gain more confidence when it comes to writing and speaking which is great because I managed to overcome my fear to communicate in English.”

Jenny Sim,
Account Assistant, GAC Singapore

For information about GEP courses, contact your local GCA Liaison Officer (GLO) or send an enquiry to