Academy Update

Your learning agenda for 2018

“GAC has always been an organisation that invests in its strength, its people – be it personal or professional development. We will ensure that strength is constantly nourished and developed through meaningful education delivered in the most optimal way possible.”

Patrik Halldén

Group Vice President – Human Resources

New courses, progressive updates to GAClearn and a revamped back-of-house administration are some of the projects that the GAC Corporate Academy (GCA) will deliver in 2018.

GCA will retrofit existing courses and introduce brand new courses that are aligned with the Delta 21 group strategy and the achievement of its objectives. Up-to-date information presented in bite-size form with more interactive content will maintain learner interest.

Changing environment

“Last year marked the Academy’s 10th anniversary, but instead of looking back over the decade, we prefer to look forward,” says Patrik Halldén, Group Vice President – Human Resources. Our aim for 2018 is to ensure that we constantly support the Group’s initiatives as it manoeuvres its way through the changing environment.

Check out the 2018 Course Prospectus here.